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School Crest

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The school crest has four quadrants, with the Coat of Arms as the centrepiece.

The top-left quadrant has the letter A.M., an abbreviation for “Ave Maria”, representing the greeting of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, the mother of Jesus. According to St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Wisdom can be attained through living a life of gentleness and authenticity, modelled after Mary, the mother of God.

The bottom-right quadrant has the letters D+S with a cross, an abbreviation for “Dieu Seul”, which is “God Alone” in French. To St. Louis Marie de Montfort, God is the centre of his life, and in everything he does, God is foremost for him. Thus to know all things without knowing God is to know nothing at all.

The sailboat at sea in the top-right quadrant symbolises the struggle and mortification that we will experience in life. With perseverance and resilience, one will be able to face all difficulties and come out a better person.

The Star and man in the boat in the bottom-left quadrant symbolises the guiding light which helps seamen navigate to their destination. If we are focused on the essential values of life, we shall reach our ultimate destiny.

The Crest is adorned with green olive branches to symbolise peace and prosperity, an integral development of human society. The Latin motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” means “Labour Conquers All Things”, signifying that one should always put in one’s best.