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School Song

Once more unite our youthful voices

Amidst our halls the strain to raise

With rapid swell the heart rejoices

When virtue is the theme of praise

We follow those who have trodden up-rightly

As well in sunshine as in rain

Students old and new we do fashion so tightly

Enduring links of one long chain


We, students of Assumption Pathway School,

When God from on high sheds his light on our way,

We, students of Assumption Pathway School,

The White and the Blue shall be known far and wide,

The White and the Blue, the White and the Blue,

Shall be ever Boys' Town's pride.

We love our Alma Mater dearly,

For all the blessings so rightly given,

The lessons she has taught so clearly,

The ceaseless care with which she has striven,

Our tender hearts with emotion are beating,

In White and Blue in words we pen,

In joy and grief in the life that is fleeting,

Assumption Pathway School shall ever stand!