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School Crest


The crest identifies all the schools in Singapore that are governed under the Catholic Order of the Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel. Assumption Pathway School is one of these schools.

The centerpiece of the school crest is the Coat of Arm, which has four quadrants. These quadrants contain symbols representing the core beliefs of the founder of the order, St Louis Marie de Montfort. These beliefs include God as the central motivating force in one’s life, the attainment of wisdom through living a life of gentleness and authenticity, perseverance and resilience in order to conquer life’s challenges.

The Crest carries the Latin motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” which stands for “Labour conquers all things.” Hard work embodied in diligence and perseverance leads one to achieve greater things in life. The crest therefore motivates us to do our best in whatever we do.