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Income OrangeAid APS Challenge

Since 2010, Income OrangeAid APS Challenge has been one of Assumption Pathway School's signature programmes. Its main aim is to inculcate in students the confidence to dream big, the discipline to “go the distance” and the perseverance to take the necessary actions to actualising those dreams. 


The programme thus creates the platform for this by requiring the students to: 

·        Be stretched in pursuing a self-directed goal;

·        Use the skills learnt to benefit the community; and 

·        Live out the school values of Care, Adaptability, Resilience, Excellence, Responsibility to achieve the vision of "Achieving Personal Success".

The challenges are broadly categorised into the following:

·        Sports and Adventure 

·        Performing Arts

·        Community Service Learning Projects

·        Vocational-Based Projects

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                        APS students and teachers in preparation for Income OrangeAid APS Challenge 2018