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ITE Skills Certificate (ISC)

  • ISC in Baking Practices equips students with the fundamental baking techniques they need to handle kitchen equipment and prepare a range of bread, cake and pastry products.
  • ISC in Culinary Skills equips students with essential kitchen practices, fundamentals in western cuisine and preparations of popular local dishes.
  • ISC in Hospitality Services will acquire essential knowledge and skills in food preparation, food and beverage service, housekeeping, and customer service.
  • ISC in Desktop Publishing and Design aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge in a range of desktop publishing software and provide them a platform for them to exercise their design creativity in collateral design and graphics editing.
  • ISC in Facility Services provides students with the skills and knowledge in performing first-line maintenance, repairing and servicing of air-conditioning systems, water service and sanitary plumbing systems and electrical systems, in accordance with manufacturers' guidelines, statutory requirements and respective code of practices.
  • ISC in Hairdressing Course provides students with skills and knowledge in a range of hairdressing services including shampooing, hair cutting, hair perming, hair colouring, and hairstyling as well as salon operations and customer service techniques for the hairdressing industry.