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St Gabriel's Foundation Charity Concert June 2019

The St Gabriel’s Foundation Charity Concert was held on Sat 8 June 2019. The objective is to help raise funds for school initiatives that is in the interests of the students. For this event, Assumption Pathway School (APS) was assigned to supply refreshments for the guests.

A stellar 3800 pieces of pastries were prepared and baked by the students from the Baking Practices Department. Macaroons, Brownies, Tuna Puffs to name a few appealed to the taste buds of the many guests who attended the concert.

These glistening and appetising treats were nicely arranged on serving trays buffet style and served by the students as well. Behind the scenes were detailed planning as well as hours of kneading and baking.

We are happy to be a part of this event and hope that you will support the school’s mission in nurturing the students to be diligent working adults.

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Sandwich Making Competition July 2019

On Sat 6 Jul 2019, Assumption Pathway School (APS) participated in the Sandwich Making Competition 2019 as part of We are Singaporeans celebration organised by Keat Hong Community Club and Women’s Executive Committee (WEC).

Year 3 and Year 4 Culinary Skills students together with Assumption Pathway Academy (APA) students participated in Category C for Upper Secondary Students. There were a total of 4 teams with 2 students in each team representing APS. APS won the Top 3 prizes in Category C with Singapore Chilli Crab Sandwich in First place. This creation was done by Adil and Asraff our Year 3 Culinary Skills students.

It is only with the students’ hard work and perseverance that the school was able to see such outstanding results. APS is very proud of these brilliant students and their achievements. The school will strive even harder for more of these victories in the near future.

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F1 Power Up Truck July 2019

The F1 Power Up Truck revved up bouts of adrenaline, speed and action in the school. Students experienced racing simulation, which tested their maneuverability and speed control. They were also exposed to Virtual Reality, where they could feel the intensity of car racing in a different dimension. It has been an exciting and rewarding experience for the students.