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About The ART

The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training) was established in April 2011 within the premises of APS (Assumption Pathway School).

It is a casual dining restaurant that gives APS students an authentic working environment to put their F&B knowledge and skills into practice. Students gain practical experience in interacting with real customers. They also learn new cooking techniques and gain exposure to service delivery during various themed events and promotions.

The ART is equipped with a food preparation kitchen, baking production kitchen as well as a coffee and cake counter. For the comfort of our guests, we also provide air-conditioned and al fresco dining.

At The ART, we strive to bring you upon a delightful dining experience. More importantly, when you dine with us, you are supporting our students' passion for cooking.

*The ART is not halal-certified. All items offered contain no pork and no lard.


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