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At The ART, our staff members and students take pride in the food that we serve to our customers. We believe in quality ingredients as well as taste compatibility. Most importantly, our students have an abundance of passion to bring you upon a delightful dining experience.

The ART is not halal certified. All items offered do not contain pork and lard. 

Our menu are revised periodically. 

Photos and menu below for illustration and reference, subjected to changes and availability.

Set Lunch

Our 3 Course Set Lunch @ $13.50 nett includes:
~ Soup served with bread
~ Main Course served with Daily Greens & Starch
~ Dessert comes with complimentary Freshly Brewed Coffee or Fine English Tea

Set Lunch 1.jpg

Food Street @ The ART

*Available only on Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm to 1pm (from Wed 4 Jul 2018) 

Food Street is back!
Enjoy authentic Asian delights below $5.00 specially prepared by students from our Culinary Skills programme at The ART al fresco live stations! 

Group Photo.jpg

Tea-for-Two Special Set

Set includes 12 pieces of assorted petits fours & 2 hot beverages @ $12.00* nett
(Choice of a pot of Ronnefelt Exquisite Flavour Tea or a cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee^)
Free top up of a cup of coffee!
*Promotional Price for a limited time only.

High Tea photo 1 reduced size.jpg

Set Dinner

*Available on Fridays only (except last Friday of the month)
*By reservations only (Email us @ the.art.aps@gmail.com)

Set Dinner @ $16.50 nett / $19.50 nett includes:
~ Appetiser / Soup
~ Main Course
~ Dessert comes with complimentary Freshly Brewed Coffee or Fine English Tea


Porridge Buffet

*Available on last Friday of the Month
*By reservations only (Email us @ the.art.aps@gmail.com)

A great variety of mouth-watering dishes that goes well with porridge, so delicious that it beckons for more                    @ $12.00 nett* / $13.50 nett 
*(Senior Citizens > 62 years old and Children from 5 - 12 years old)

Porridge Buffet.jpg

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